wtorek, 3 stycznia 2017

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Do 28 marca 2017 r. trwa nabór wniosków w ramach 10. edycji konkursu w ramach Inicjatywy Leków Innowacyjnych 2. Nabór wniosków prowadzony jest w 8 tematach. Budżet konkursu wynosi ponad 174 mln euro.

Zgodnie z informacjami organizatorów nabór wniosków prowadzony jest w następujących tematach:
  • Temat 1: Understanding hypoglycaemia: the underlying mechanisms and addressing clinical determinants as well as consequences for people with diabetes by combining databases from clinical trials
  • Temat 2: How big data could support better diagnosis and treatment outcomes for prostate cancer (part of the Big Data for Better Outcomes programme)
  • Temat 3: Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain (this topic includes three subtopics on patient reported outcomes; biomarkers; and chronic pelvic pain)
  • Temat 4: Creation of a pan-European paediatric clinical trials network
  • Temat 5: Biomanufacturing 2020: development of innovative high throughput analytical tools and methods to characterize cell culture fluid during development and commercial cell culture processes
  • Temat 6: Unlocking the solute carrier gene-family for effective new therapies (unlock SLCs)
  • Temat 7: Patient perspectives in medicines lifecycle
  • Temat 8: Personalised medicine approaches in autism spectrum disorders
 Szczegółowe informacje o konkursie można znaleźć na stronie internetowej www.imi.europa.eu.

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