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Do 3 grudnia 2018 r. trwa nabór wniosków w ramach wspólnego konkursu inicjatyw ERA-NET ERA-GAS, ERA-NET SusAn oraz ERA-NET ICT-AGRI2 pn. Novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of animal production systems. Na udział polskich podmiotów Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju zaplanowało 1 mln euro.

Zgodnie z informacjami NCBiR tematyka zgłaszanych projektów powinna dotyczyć co najmniej 2 z poniższych tematów:

Theme 1, the “holistic theme”: Agroecological approach to whole animal production systems.
This theme relates to the evaluation, development and (re-)design of animal production systems from the perspective of agricultural production and ecology in the context of the need to reduce GHG emissions. A comprehensive approach to whole systems is required which primarily addresses the need to reduce GHG emissions and/or intensity but can also address other aspects of sustainability. Theme 1 includes:
  • Sustainability assessment of the whole system; e.g. carbon & water footprints, life cycle assessment.
  • Determination of the production system's GHG efficiency, design and development of optimised systems to reduce emissions and enhance  sustainability.

Theme 2, the “technical theme”: Technical options for the monitoring and mitigation of GHG emissions from animal production systems.
This theme relates to strategies and technical options to reduce GHG emissions from animal production systems. Proposals should also address the potential synergies and trade-offs associated with the proposed options. One or more of the following research areas may be covered:
  • The feed chain (feed origin, harvest and processing).
  • Animal nutrition (feed rations, feed additives and nutrient efficiency) and husbandry (including Precision Livestock Farming).
  • Manure management and utilisation (including technological treatments, and regional cooperation).
  • Refinement or development of GHG emission factors related to animal production systems with the aim of reducing uncertainties and supporting the development of improved and harmonised GHG inventories across participating countries.

Theme 3, the “societal theme”: Social and/or economic approach to livestock production and consumption of animal products.
The focus of this theme is on the application of social, socio-economic and political sciences to the challenge of reducing GHG emissions in animal production systems. It includes:
  • Effects of consumption patterns and trends in the animal production sector (and vice versa) and implications for related GHG emissions.
  • Inclusion of GHG emission reductions (an environmental “externality”) into the price of food of animal origin.
  • Strategies and incentives, including policy measures, to reduce GHG emissions and remove barriers to adoption of GHG mitigation strategies.

Szczegółowe informacje o konkursie można znaleźć na stronie internetowej NCBiR.

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